About Ned

Ned Pritzlaff’s Bio:

As a child born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I was fortunate to grow up in a family that valued both visual and performing arts, design and nature, which nurtured my innate sensitivity to color, light, line and form. I was encouraged throughout childhood to explore many different artisic mediums during my formative years.

My Grandmother Erna Pritzlaff was an avid gardener and her lake country home was a treasured haven throughout my childhood. It was there that I first began to notice the strong ties between nature and design. Look at nearly any flower and you can see what I mean, then extrapolate that to an entire garden (typically someone’s well laid out vision of natural beauty), then beyond that to the natural landscape created by mother nature and our creator…   Both were intriguing to me. Over time my landscape design direction has been refined to design with nature first and foremost, with a few technical/structural design elements added in for comfort and contrast.

My Great Aunt Dorothea Mayer studied art and music throughout her life. My Aunt Dede Pritzlaff was an established photographer and her photos of the important figures of her day included Jake LaMotta, Jackie Gleason, and Georgia O’Keefe. They were both great influences and great inspirations to my cultural and artistic development in the visual arts.

Finally, my father was an engineer with a keen appreciation of industrial design, and my mother’s education in interior design influenced every aspect of our home environment.  She had other creative outlets as well such as needlepoint, and making collages.


After high school, my focus was centered on our natural world and I enrolled in the forestry program at the University of Wyoming. But that didn’t provide me with an outlet for my creative instincts and design abilities. So I turned to Landscape Architecture to combine both nature and design.

For many years, the primary outlet for my creativity has been through landscape architecture. I have a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Wisconsin and have worked in the landscape field for over 35 years. I currently own Luminoptics Lighting, a landscape lighting business which has provided me with yet another avenue to express my creativity.

However, I have also been an avid photographer – ever since I received my first camera at age 10. More recently, the need to further express myself through photography has reached a new crescendo, moving me in directions still unknown. As you look through my online galleries, you will see that I am eagerly exploring many facets of this infinite medium.



Attended University of Wyoming – Forestry Program: 1974 – 1976

Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture – University of Wisconsin Madison: 1980

Landscape Design/Construction metro Chicago area: 1980 – 1986

Landscape Design/Construction metro Milwaukee area: 1986 – 1990

Freelance Landscape Architect and owner of Luminoptics Lighting. 1986 – present

Photographer for 50 years




Artist Statement:

I cherish all of my senses but I certainly gravitate toward visual stimuli. I have heard any number of painters say that they strive to make their work look like photographic images. Conversely, my goal is to create Fine Art Photographic Images that appear more like paintings or pastels. As a landscape architect, the theme of many of my photos has centered around our natural environment, plants, and landscapes. In recent years my images have become more abstract. I have been using my camera to look beneath the surface, to turn forms and objects inside out and to find the, often unseen, beauty in the objects of everyday life. My process begins with the raw capture, obviously. From there I apply post-processing techniques, sometimes a little – sometimes a lot, to bring the image to full fruition. These abstract images can come from nature or the man made world. That is where my interest and focus currently lies and will remain for the foreseeable future. As you will see in my galleries, in the end, if I am about anything, it’s color.